Santa Cruz Heart Song Circle



Divinitree Yoga Center

1043B Water Street in Santa Cruz, CA.

Doors open at 7:00pm

Music begins at 7:30pm

Ends at 9:30pm



  • Your singing voice.
  • Musical instruments if you like.
  • A mat or cushion to sit on (there will be some chairs/cushions available).
  • A song, kirtan or chant that everyone can participate in (if you so choose).


$3 to $5 Sliding Scale

Your contribution helps make this experience possible! Thank you.

No one turned away for lack of funds. If you can not contribute monetarily please ask how to be of assistance.


About this Event

The intent of this circle is to remember and share the songs and chants that have kept us connected to Spirit, the Earth and each other for generations. New songs, when written for this purpose, are totally appropriate. The easier the lyrics the better. We are looking for 100% participation on every song shared. This is what creates a full and satisfying experience for everyone. If you do not feel you know any songs or chants this circle is here for you to remember and learn.



Everyone who wishes will be given a chance to lead a song as time allows. No one is required to do so. You are welcome to simply absorb the vibrations and sing along. We like to hold silence between songs to fully feel the gift of the song that was just sung. Together we create sacred space.



Our intention is the creation of a safe and supportive environment for you to lead the heart song of your choice that everyone can participate in in some way. If words to your song or chant are difficult for others to learn quickly please bring at least fifteen copies of lyrics to share. Alternately a large pad to write your lyrics on will be available throughout the evening.



We love your original music and this is not the best event for it’s debut unless it is written for the intention of this circle. Heart Songs are “sing-a-long” songs.



We are recording the songs and chants which are shared at each circle.

To assist you in learning the songs and chants we are archiving them as MP3s on our web site so you can listen to them at home.

Our goal is to record and post the lyrics as well, although we need each song leader’s assistance for this one.

This is a huge project, thank you for your patience. Let us know if you would like to assist the editing of songs.

Music recorded by Sounds Divine.


Gratitude and Blessings

Many thanks to the family minded individuals who show up ahead of time or stay after to serve this community event.

There is always a lot to do to prepare before and to clean-up after.

This is an invaluable service that makes this event possible.

The Santa Cruz Heart Song Circle is Hosted by Deerheart and Juno.

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Heart Songs is sponsored and produced by the Sanctuary of Living Devotion

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Charitable Activity

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Thank you for your excellent participation!


May ALL beings be free of suffering.

May ALL beings be happy and peaceful.

May ALL beings know joy and live in love.