The intention of a Heart Song Circle is to remember and share the songs and chants that have kept us connected to Spirit, the Earth and each other for generations.  New songs, when written for this purpose, are totally appropriate.  The easier the lyrics the better.  100% participation on a song is a fantastic way to share and feel the love.  This is what creates a full and satisfying experience for everyone.  If you do not think you know any songs or chants in this moment, Heart Song Circles and this web site are here for you to remember and learn.  We maintain a recorded archive of songs and Heart Song Events on this site.  Please enjoy as you listen and remember.

Start a Heart Song Circle in your Community

Feeling inspired?  All you need is a place and some hearts. Everyone wants to share their Heart Song.  A little structure is great as it allows for the best use of time. Facilitating a Heart Song Circle is easy. There are a few things to be aware of when facilitating and there are a few tools that assist the flow and ease in which the music is shared and learned. If you would like some assistance in the form of an e-mail correspondance please contact one of our facilitators listed on our Contact Page. In some cases facilitators may travel to your community to assist the creation of new Heart Song Circle. When people come together in peace to share songs of the heart, all the world benefits. Please let us know how we can be of assistance.